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Right: Mr. Arvind Karelia (Chairman)
Left: Mr. Nimesh Karelia (Founder & M.D.) 

JAY ELEVATOR is the unit of JAY Group of Companies, which are engaged in various fields of Manufacturing of Material Handling Equipment, Storage Systems and Real Estates. JAY ELEVATOR with vast experience in this field is engaged in manufacturing of all types of elevators. and providing an integrated solutions comprising design concept to commissioning is a key motto of the company. 

We do not believe in just selling the products, we sell right products. Over the year it has been developed as a core DNA at JAY Group of companies. Our customer-oriented approach helps our client to make informed decision. Needles to say; we are growing big because of our   
happy and repetitive clients.

With state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located at Vasai near Mumbai, all of our product design confirms to global standards and validated through high end 3-dimensional software. We are ISO 14001:2005, ISO 9001:2015 and 18001:2007 certified company and follows stringent quality norms and organized after sales support to excel to new heights in the segment.

Predefined processes, innovative solutions, use of high-end CNC machines and zest for value creation has made us trusted partner for lifts elevators.  


Every DREAM has a small beginning"

Founded by Mr. Arvind Karelia in 1984 from small unit of about 200 Sq. Mtrs. with an aim of manufacturing and supply precision press parts, structural & sheet metal parts for a multinational lift manufacturing company and a white goods manufacturing company in India.

In 1990 the organization entered into manufacturing and marketing of in-plant material handling equipment and storage systems. The wide range of products included Manually / A.C. / Semi Battery / Fully Battery Operated equipment with most advanced technology of the industry; the storage solution includes a wide range of internationally accepted modular design concepts.

'JAY EQUIPMENT is different because of its focused attention for every customer, be it standard or tailor made products.








“Go Global” is the mission statement of 'JAY'. Our prime motto is to serve the WORLD with our innovative and quality product in the elevator arena. Our Elevator supplied to the every nook of the country. We are still thriving to make our foot-print in the global front with our innovative motions. 'JAY' has coalesced its status as an across-the-board supplier of Elevator solutions.
Empowering Vertical Mobility: Our Vision at Jay Elevator is to redefine the future of elevator solutions through innovation, excellence, and unparalleled customer service. With cutting-edge technology and a commitment to safety, we strive to elevate experiences and transform the way people move and connect within built environments. Together, we aim to shape a world where seamless and sustainable vertical transportation enhances lives and fosters limitless possibilities.
JAY' : A strong family company - yesterday, today, tomorrow.
As the owning family we have always represented the backbone of the entire Group, and thanks to our strong commitment, ensure reliable and forward-looking development opportunities
We want the values we have built on to shape the company. Based on these values, we have defined guiding principles for the management of the company.
  • We think, plan and act with a long-term view
  • We search for market-oriented innovations, promote them and implement them
  • We want to "grow", but not at any cost
  • We limit risks, and only undertake them in an acceptable framework
  • We reinforce our financial strength thanks to internal financing
  • We design and manufacture in-house
  • We have the latest manufacturing processes
  • Our range extends from initial consulting services and the planning of complex projects, to production and implementation through to ongoing system maintenance
  • We have wide-ranging, sector-specific expertise and across years of project-based experience
  • As an owner-operated family company, we can act with almost complete freedom and control in purchasing and financing aspects.


"Excellence and Innovation Embodied by Jay Elevator

Jay Elevator stands as a distinguished leader in its commitment to excellence and pioneering innovations. While not always the most budget-friendly option, Jay Elevator consistently emerges as the favored choice for discerning Owners seeking exceptional value. Our esteemed clientele repeatedly entrust us because they acknowledge and appreciate the unparalleled quality that underlines both our products and services.

What Sets Us Apart?

Unrivaled Quality

Jay Elevator has forged a worldwide reputation for delivering traction elevator solutions that epitomize whisper-quiet operation, seamless rides, and uncompromising safety. Our elevators glide so effortlessly that the sensation of movement might escape you entirely. Our service standard remains unmatched across the industry, standing as a testament to our prowess. So go ahead, relax, and enjoy the ride.

Exceptional Door Performance

Jay Elevator's door operators are known throughout the industry, consultant community and with building owners for the smoothest, quietest, virtually undetectable door operation. You have to see and experience it to believe it!

Thoughtfully Crafted and Engineered Offerings

Our philosophy favors the "conservative" approach, ensuring your reliance on our elevators for the long haul. Unlike many contemporaries who have opted for "cost-effective" engineering, often meeting minimal requirements, Jay Elevator prizes quality above all else. We invest more resources to furnish Owners with impeccably constructed products. Our elevator components boast augmented steel, more efficient and larger motors, and other enhancements.


In the realm of installation, Jay Elevator boasts an unrivaled reputation. General Contractors return to us year after year, regardless of lower bids, once they witness our steadfast commitment to project deadlines. They favor us for our unwavering dedication to keeping promises and honouring commitments.

Service Excellence

Elevators installed and maintained by Jay Elevator average lowest services annually per elevator. This is in stark contrast to the industry average, which exceeds more than ours.

Proximity of Our Factory
We fabricate several key elevator components at our factory in vasai, which is always closest to your needs, ensuring fast delivery.
Kindly consider the company whose reputation is more useful, for your next project. We look forward to having the opportunity to work with you.
We invite you to consider Jay Elevator, a company that boasts an unassailable reputation, for your forthcoming project. The opportunity to collaborate with you is one we eagerly anticipate."


We are ISO 14001:2005, ISO 9001:2015 and 18001:2007 certified company and follows stringent quality norms and organized after sales support to excel to new heights in  the segment.

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