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Home Lift

A home lift is a compact residential elevator designed for easy vertical transportation within houses, providing a convenient and space-efficient solution for mobility between floors. Despite its small size, it adds both practicality and a touch of luxury to a home.
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Elegant, Practical, and Adaptable.

A home lift is a compact and efficient vertical transportation system designed for residential use. It enables convenient and easy movement between different floors of a home, providing accessibility for individuals with mobility challenges.


These lifts are specifically tailored for residential spaces, offering a space-saving and aesthetically pleasing solution for homeowners looking to enhance convenience and accessibility within their homes.

Increase your returns

Add value to your home with cabins designed along 3 interior trend lines.

Underline your Home's premium

Home Lifts comes with premium interior options and meaningful controls.

Upgrade the style

Home Lifts focuses on ambience, aesthetics and efficiency to let you travel in style.

Underline your home's premium

Premium interior options and meaningful controls.

Premium cabin finishes

Enhance the premium ambiance of your home with a diverse range of stylish controls, such as small, half-length, and full-length flush-mounted Car Operating Panels (COPs), along with a variety of landing operating panels. These elegant additions contribute to the overall sophistication of your establishment.


Variety of meaningful and elegant controls such as small, half & full length flush mounted COPs and variety of landing operating panels add to your building's premium.

Sensible safety, security and energy efficient features.

Our lifts boasts a range of advanced safety features, both active and passive, including a full-height 2D infrared screen, Automatic Rescue Device, and the capability for CCTV camera signal transmission. These features are designed to provide users with the utmost safety and security.

Additionally, the elevator is equipped with a dependable, space-saving, and energy-efficient gearless Permanent Magnet Synchronous (PMS) motor.

Showcasing Premium Home lift by Jay Elevator
Image by Andrew Spencer

Provides a stylish experience

With a strong emphasis on ambiance, aesthetics, and efficiency, our lifts ensures that users travel in both comfort and style.

Enhanced ride comfort

Optimized suspension system and strong car frame allow for a smoother ride.

Ambience enhancing features

To enhance the user experience, our lifts includes provisions for wiring a music system.

Usability enhancing features

For added convenience, enta200 features voice announcements, car arrival chimes, and braille buttons to facilitate ease of use.


Interiors tailored to current trends that complement the vibe of your home.

3 interior trends, 8 cabin designs

Our Home lift stylish car designs offer a premium aesthetic to your building. Classic styles seamlessly blend timeless, clean designs with durable materials. Drawing inspiration from European expressions, contemporary car designs contribute to a sophisticated look and feel.

Intelligent product design

Our home lift has been intelligently engineered to maximize the efficient use of building space, both within the shaft and the cabin. It offers Machine Room (MR) and Machine Room-less (MRL) options, along with Automatic Car Operation (ACO) and Automatic Landing Operation (ATO) door choices, further optimizing shaft space. Additionally, the flush-fitted Car Operating Panels (COPs) contribute to maximizing cabin space.

Smart mechanical setup

Our home lift is equipped with various intelligent components and processes, including bottom suspension, surface-mounted fixtures, and SFL installation, making it easy to install and ensuring a swift transition to operational service, facilitating efficient people movement.